About Viridis cluster

English   |   31.01.2011.

VIRIDIS - Wood Cluster Virovitica is founded in 2011. The cluster was founded by entrepreneurs from the wood - processing sector in the county and two supporting institutions, VIDRA - Agency for development Virovitica- and Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb. Companies which are Cluster members employ about 350 workers and there are connected by similar business objectives.Cluster VIRIDIS is a non-profit organization.  The main task of the Cluster is to create a critical mass of information, knowledge, skills and technology. VIRIDIS wood cluster is open to new members, for new knowledge, resources, technology and experience and encouraging connections with international networked structures. A well-developed business model of the functioning of the Cluster, enables increased efficiency of each member by access to raw materials, information and high-quality workers, and well-being of a region is evident from the well-being of its stakeholders.  He combines the companies within the wood - processing sector which is connected with similar business goals, as well as with need for interconnection. Companies with the help of Cluster collect and share critical business information and experience, which contributes to the dynamic development of business in the wood - processing sector. Joint activities, the development and promotion of business companies in wood processing sector, achieved protection of production and knowledge in domestic wood industry. Through joint activities and projects of the Cluster, member companies strengthen their competitive advantages.It encourages cooperation between complementary areas that contributes to the development of competitive products of higher added value, product placement on the market and the internationalization of companies in the Cluster. To the companies which are Cluster member provides operational support in achieving their goals through the implementation of joint projects.



The main objective of the Cluster is to promote, develop and improve operations of companies from the wood processing industry in Virovitica- as well as a commitment to the protection of domestic products and knowledge. The main activities of the Cluster are focused on growth and market expansion , as well as on cooperation with various institutional stakeholders such as research and educational institutions , local authorities , non-governmental organizations. Main activities are:

  • development, improvement and coordination of professional and social activities of members of the Cluster;
  • organizing and coordinating the joint promotion and performance in the market, in particular research and entrance in new markets;
  • organizing exchanges of experience and knowledge in the execution of projects related to wood-processing profession;
  • design and development of new products and solutions;
  • joint research and development;
  • cooperation with research organizations and associations wood - processing profession;
  • developing a program of international cooperation;
  • cooperation with other similar associations in the country and abroad, and all other organizations, institutions, individuals and legal entities that support the work of the Cluster.














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